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Travelers Wanted!!!

We just got word from one of our advertisers for December that they are in need of 500,000 people who want a choice of a free carry-on 20 inch bag 4 wheel trolley hard shell luggage with advertising on it or cargo hold bag 28 inch of the same.

We are asking for your help! All travelers have to be traveling from December 15, 2016 through February 28, 2017 to participate. At this time we have 40,000 participants. There are two more coming for March Madness 2017.

If you are a traveler and will be traveling between those dates and would like your choice of a free piece of luggage as stated above, be sure to sign up!

What benefits do you get when becoming part of the Orion family?

The Orion Family program offers:

Guaranteed free luggage all year.
Dedicated support system.
Amazing network of travel resources.
Sponsored freebies all year long.
Travel social network that’s second to none.
Tourism deals for everyone & every culture.
No waiting in lines using our airline.
Private airport lounges coming quickly..

Join before December 31st and get the following for life!
After January 1st the price for membership will be $39.99 per year.

In luggage gifts-everytime you receive a piece of our luggage you get free gifts inside
Major discounts on our Corporate Luggage
Major Discounts on our Smart Luggage
Major Discounts on our Travel wear and Travel Gadgets
Major Discounts when you book through us
Major entry into our Airport Lounges
Major Discounts with all our partners
Major prize giveaways each week
Opportunity to use all of our platforms
Major discounts with major travel programs

We look forward to having you as part of our family!

Gary German
Orion Travel Tech

13 comments on “Travelers Wanted!!!
  1. I will be travelling from West Palm Beach to New York City in early January 2017. As a lifetime member am I automatically entered to participate in this Dec – Feb 2017 Travellers Wanted deal? I am willing and able.

  2. Hi all, Gary German here. Founder of Orion. I want to let everyone know what is happening. First of all, thanks for joining the Orion Family!

    Just so you know, we are doing our best on all fronts to make sure everyone has a smooth transaction. Some of you had some old versions of JAVA on your devices. This caused hang ups on the registrations. The code was not reading it correctly with PayPal even though your PayPal payment went through.

    There seems to be some confusion on when the bags will arrive. When you signed and registered we had the dates of arrival mentioned in clear site. There are a few of you who missed that. So I will Clarify again at this time.

    On Tuesday the 22nd of September all 20 inch Carry on Bags will be finished and readied for shipment which happens on Friday the 23rd.

    The luggage will be on a ship for 20 days at sea coming over from China.

    The Luggage will arrive on the 13th of October or a little sooner depending on Typhoons the ship has to dodge. They will arrive in Long Beach a large port on the west coast of California.

    At this time, we will allow a day to go through Customs and the Containers will be picked up by USPS trucks and delivered to their sorting facilities.

    At that time, all cartons will be given tracking stickers and all of Orion’s customers will be giving tracking numbers for you to know to the exact day and time they will arrive at your door.

    Please keep in mind that at 12 times within a year period and from this point on you will have the opportunity to gain up to 5 more pieces of luggage. Both 20 inch carry on and 28 inch cargo hold luggage pieces. You will have a choice from the next shipment that is coming mid December and will be at your door for Christmas in 20 inch or 28 inch sizes. The Choice is yours.

    Please keep in mind Orion is also working on a few patent pending Luggage pieces that our members will get a chance to win a few of them and you will be given a 50% of retail that we will charge all outside customers at the retail level and price.

    We are making those announcements at the end of September.

    Now that you have joined mostly for Lifetime memberships, the real fun will begin!

    Our mission statement is True Aloha and True Ohana! I am Hawaiian! “No one will be left behind.” This is a family relationship and I intend to do the best I can to make you feel comfortable and for us to have fun and get back to the days where it was fun to travel.

    Please also keep in mind, we are giving you something very special! Orion is not just about Luggage we are about offering great experiences and great savings when ever you travel and even when you are not traveling.

    I am committed at giving the world a place to go to meet people with the same interests you have. To gain travel knowledge, to gain and experience the wonders that come along when you travel! We hope you will never forget (in a positive way) and that the people you meet have the same out come.

    My entrepreneurship is truly based on helping and changing lives of the most people I can in a very big way. I will be there and I will never change, I will be as humble today as I will when I wake up tomorrow. I will always be accessible to everyone of you. Our plans are to go public and I will say that all members with have the opportunity to have a chance to have Friends and Family entry level the day we go through and IPO.

    This is not about the money. It is about making a point to the airlines, the hotels, the restaurants and about giving back! I am a firm believer on Paying It Forward and in Karma. I believe that if you do good to other It will come back to you. I have seen it happen. It does happen! It will happen on my watch.

    I do not want to see people “our family” confused in any way! If we are doing things that need an ear and an eye please let me know. We are all about ideas and getting things right when we are wrong. Its all about customer loyalty with me and with you.

    I want to hear from you on how we can make things better. Remember we are infants and we are growing fast! We need your help, your advice and the truth.

    I will do a Q and A for everyone here and if I Miss something, please let me know. I will be back to you on Monday with a lot more up dates and let you know about the cool things coming.

    Many many thanks from my heart for joining what I believe will be something special. Right now we want you to feel special but again we are in our infancy. So we will make a few mistakes, for those I apologize!

    Our Future! I have 10 products and platforms that are patent pending and I have 20 trademarks, we are in 15 countries and we want to grow to 50 by the end of 2017. We are now profitable.

    I built this company from the ground up because I wanted to ease the pain in traveling and make it just a little fun again for this moment and in the future. Maybe with a little luck we bring back the past again.

    Sorry for going on and on but I will end it here by saying we have a lot of good people here and with your help we will really make a difference in the world.

    Thanks, and look for my post on Monday.

    Kindest regards, Gary

    • Anxious to get the luggage and see the reactions of travelers at the airport. Will be making small cards with Orion’s info on to hand to those inquiring..we can help to make this company bigger.
      Thanks Gary for all that is to come !!

    • I am travelling Dec 16th, and am registered. Can i get in on this? Also I paid for another family member, Does he get the free luggage and how do we choose the skins on the luggage?

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