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Luggage Skins Announcement

We are providing everyone who signed up first different designs because we decided to give you skins that were more expensive $29.99 each and lots of fun to change out instead of a molded piece that could not be changed out. Better for you and better for Orion! We had a hard time trying to get the correct art format for that size of luggage in an Illustrator format that the manufacture needed in order to fit the size of luggage. It came down to a better deal for all members. We are in the process of getting the images that folks did order. Our art department are working on those and should be ready way before Christmas. Because we know the value of our customers. We were able to come up with some great pieces of artwork that will work at this time. But now we have to work harder on the pieces folks ordered in the beginning. So everyone will get what they ordered but it will take our art and graphics department a little more time to get it right to get to you.

I appreciate the patience and we are also learning along the way to keep everyone happy!

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